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Litter One Kit

Litter One provides a 100% biodegradable, all inclusive cat litter maintenance kit. Each kit includes: litter box, pine pellet litter, sides, false floor, a scoop, and 30 waste bags. All you do is open the box, put a few tabs in place, and set it out for your cat to use. When your cat urinates on the pellets they turn to sawdust and fall through the patented false floor. When 4-6 weeks has passed you put the kit in the trash bin and open the new one that has already been shipped to you if you choose to opt-in to the subscription service, free of charge. 



No smell, long use, and easy! Great product. I have used them for over three years now. I only have one cat and the box lasts for about 2 weeks and then I just throw it away. Never seems to smell in between uses, even after 10 days!

We have two cats and this has been great! I use two boxes and they last a little over a month. But no dust, no bad smells and easy to use! Glad we made the switch!

Litter One is the litter to have! It does stay cleaner, the odor is reduced by major lengths and there are none of the small particles that float in the air when cleaning the box. Best one to have and my Coco is happy too.