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"I received the Litter One Kit to review and oh my goodness I have to say I absolutely LOVE Litter One!... Completely odorless too, no more stinky smells in the room you keep your litter box in and the is totally awesome!"

-Tory LeCompte, Tory This and That,

"It was really easy to set up and to close up and throw away. We didn't track the pine all over the house. Mom never smelled the pee, so it was good at odor control. Mom loved not having to scrub the litter box."

-Pumpkin, Adventures of a Suburban Kitty,


"Where has Litter One been all my life?  What a great concept!"

-Pmaynard, Mom Does Reviews,


"It would be good for any cat to try the Litter One box. It is also great for when a person gets a kitten for the first time, they should consider the Litter One.. We give it 4 paws up!!"

-Pepper Pom, Pepper's Paws,


"Did it last the six weeks? Amazingly (and this is a three-cat household), it did. Even allowing for a ramp-up period as the cats acclimated to a new box, it got a workout yet never reeked of cat waste. I was surprised that pee never seeped through the outer container."

-Karen Nichols, Mousebreath,


"I also like that there is no dust. Whenever I would pour the kitty litter in the litter box, you get all the dust that floats up in the air. I don't think that is good for anyone to be inhaling, including your cat. Plus, on the top of my list is that it is made in the USA!"

-Mary, Plum Crazy About Coupons,


"I was a little curious to see whether the pellets would really fall apart into sawdust that would fall through the false floor once a cat urinated on them. However, they do and the false floor works perfectly."

-Lorie Huston, DVM, Pet Health Care Gazette,


"Personally, I very much like the 'environmentally friendly' design, and the pellets smell fresh and do offer odor containment. Litter One was awarded the Becker's Best Award at the 2013 Global Pet Expo as the best new product-(that's my buddy and one-time co-author Dr. Marty Becker!) and the innovation is clever and appeals to pet parents."

-Amy Shojai, Bling, Bitches & Blood,


"Arriving in a biodegradable box, ready to be assembled - the assembly couldn't be any easier.  A few folds of the cardboard and you're done.  The system is not made of flimsy cardboard.  It's thick and will not easily bend out of shape."

-Finger Click Saver,


"Since I am big on recycling, I do find the Litter One to be a great alternative to the plastic standard litter box. The smell is like a forest and is much more pleasant then the standard litter. The Litter One Litter System  is an odorless, dependable and convenient new litter box to have and I would definitely recommend this product for its bio degradable features and fresh scent."

-Margaret McLaughlin, Frugal-Shopping,


"The big question I'm sure you want answered is how easy is it to turn this box that arrives on your doorstep from a package to a litter box? The answer is super easy. It seriously only takes minutes. You just open the box and removed a few protective layers and the litter box it fully ready to use."

-Diana, My Empty Nest,


"Having cat litter delivered to your home is so convenient!"

-Molly, Miss Molly Says,


"It's just a really neat package."