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Frequently Asked Questions


False Floor

Why do I want a false floor? What the heck is it?

Why do I want the sawdust to fall through the false floor?

I have a big cat. Will the False Floor be able to hold my cat's weight?

Subscription Questions

Why do I want a Litter One Subscription?

How many Litter One kits do I need?

How often do I need to have Litter One delivered to my house?

Transitioning your cat to Litter One pine pellets

I've never used pine pellet litter before. Will my cat know what to do?

Kittens and Senior Kitties

I just got a kitten-yay! How long will one Litter One kit last us?

My cat is a little older. Do I need to take their age in account when selecting my subscription frequency?

Disposing of your Litter One kits

Are used Litter One kits recyclable?

Maintenance of your Litter One kits

How often do I scoop the solids?

How do I get the sawdust to fall to the bottom chamber of my Litter One kit?

My kitty prefers to urinate in one spot of the box. What do I do?


How long will it take for my Litter One kits to arrive?