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Meet Our Founder: Natalie Robbins

Consumers should have a relationship with their manufacturers. In this instance, that's you and I. I wouldn't want anyone to buy my product before knowing why and how my company began. 

After deciding there needed to be an easier, more environmentally way to take care of my cats' litter care needs, I developed Litter One. As a cat lover, I didn't want my feline friends to be subject to harsh chemicals... and I was tired of the unpleasant smells. Litter One is a 100% American-made product. It is a simple, clean, and green way to dispose of your cat's waste. Not everyone wants to learn all there is to know about cat litter, or to make it themselves; however, anyone who buys a Litter One Kit will know that I have taken the care to master its construction and design to ensure a quality product. 

My goal is for every cat family to have a Litter One Litter Kit delivered to their home on a monthly basis - as each Litter One Kit lasts four to six weeks - putting a safer, more environmentally friendly product in their home. A quality product that is honest, made by a company that believes in quality and honesty. And that's the honest truth.